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Men or women: who is more often distracted from work?

Not so long ago, HeadHunter experts conducted a large-scale survey, the purpose of which was to find out how productively employees spend their work time. Resource visitors were asked to answer the question: “Are you distracted by personal activities during the working day?” The result was quite expected for any experienced HR: 86% of the respondents (87% of men and 85% of women) indicated that yes, part of the time wasted not at all for work.

From the same survey it is clear that people of different sexes prefer to spend time in different ways: men more often read news and sites of interest, and women prefer communication through instant messengers, mail and social networks.The developers of the Kickidler employee control program went further and conducted a detailed study on this issue in a single company. To check, we used statistics collected and kindly provided by one of the customers of the service – these are data on the employment of the marketing department and work with clients of one large company from the financial industry. This division employs 119 people: 52 men and 67 women. The distribution of occupations is traditional and approximately equal – in both gender groups there are designers, PR managers, directologists, marketers, copywriters, SMMs, content, product and account managers, as well as department heads.

The experts had at their disposal complete statistics on their employment, the results of work spent in the office, time and so on for one calendar month. All this data was uploaded to the Viewer of the Kickidler system – this is a convenient tool that helps to quickly generate clear, transparent and detailed reports on employee activities based on the source information. As a result, we got two tabs: “Men” and “Women” with summarized data on the representatives of these sexes.

Productivity analysis

This is perhaps the key report: it shows how efficiently employees spend working time (taking into account their schedule). The more time an employee spends in applications not related to his duties, the lower this rating. The statistics were as follows.


Kickidler Performance Report for Men

Kickidler Performance Report Women

Women were 9% more productive: they are less inactive and less distracted from the work process.

Working hours report

Classical statistics showing how responsibly people follow the schedule.


Kickidler Work Time Report, Male Data


Kickidler Work Time Report Women

The results are … scary? For a month, only women found 178 unworked hours: almost 7.5 days! Men have another 94 hours or almost 4 days. Total for the company in one month, employees lost 272 hours from the work schedule – the numbers are puzzling and literally oblige us to look for ways to optimize.

From the point of view of comparison, everything is ambiguous by gender: men are more likely to be late, but they are more likely to be late at work – thus, on this point, parity.

By the number of hours worked per employee, men are ahead, but it is worth keeping in mind that, according to the data from the previous report, they were less productive at that time.

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