“I got settled, and six months later announced my pregnancy”: what should the employer do?
Anna Fedorova considers the issue of maternity leave and frequent hospital employees, explains how employers should relate to this “A young girl is about to have a baby, but before…

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How not to miss a good employee and not hire a bad employee – the experience of Mosigra

Top managers of the Mosigra board games network share their professional experience in searching, selecting and hiring employees: from selecting a resume to applying Yitzhak Adizes’s formula
It happens that HR specialists in their selection of personnel are guided by their own preferences, and not by a professional look and experience in recruiting. It happens that a capable specialist receives a refusal only because the eychar did not like it. Or the opposite situation: the interviewed “professional” behaves confidently during the interview, charms everyone, and then brings the company only losses. How to protect your company from such phenomena? Top managers of the Mosigra board game chain store share their experiences.

Resume Selection

Elina Tsarenkova, HR specialist, Mosigry

A concise and meaningful resume is a guarantee that the applicant will be interviewed. From the way a person talks about himself, you can understand how constructively he thinks, what kind of vocabulary and understanding of the audience for which the text is intended. If the candidate includes his entire biography in the resume or indicates irrelevant experience, this is a bad sign, as well as the lack of business photography and age information. In fact, of course, recruiters do not evaluate professionalism in appearance and age. But the opacity is alarming.

In addition to telling about yourself, as a test task, you can invite the candidate to write a short essay. The topic does not matter. The main thing is that it opens up great scope for self-expression. For example: “My morning before going to work.” One candidate can talk about how to efficiently tune in for a productive day, the other can relate to the task to formally and monotonously list all that his morning consists of. In any case, the recruiter will be able to appreciate the manner of presentation of thoughts, consistency, originality, attention to detail and attitude to the addressee. He who thinks clearly states clearly.

We consider all adequately composed resumes and successfully completed test cases even when the position is already closed. If any candidate is of great value to us, we can contact him and offer another option for cooperation and other tasks that may be of interest to him. At a minimum, we will try to stay in touch with him so that, if necessary, invite him to an interview for a newly opened or new position. People are in the first place for us, and a position can be created if necessary.

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Anna Zagrebelnaya, Commercial Director, Mosigry

Perhaps the most important thing for me is that the values ​​of the candidate coincide with the values ​​of the company. Work experience, skills, expertise – all this can be taught. But values ​​are very difficult to change. The same goes for sociability. The work of my subordinates is mainly related to sales and communication with clients and partners. I am convinced that on the front line, face to face with the client, there should be a charismatic and charming employee who is able to conquer at a glance. I also try to understand at what pace a person works. If he is used to measured and unhurried work – he will not suit us.

Interviewing is a format that everyone is used to, and applicants can prepare in advance to answer convincingly answers to standard interview questions. Therefore, at the first meeting, I try to get to know not only the experience of a person, but also to know it from a personal perspective. To do this, I often ask questions that candidates do not expect to hear. For example: “Do you drink?”, “What do you remember for other people?”, “Do you consider yourself lucky?” And in a live dialogue I already understand what a person has a temperament and attitude towards life.

I also like to give the applicant a specific task at the interview that I was working on at that moment, and I ask you to propose solutions. This allows us to understand how the future employee argues, how he approaches the task, and often in this way I learn about interesting approaches to the problem. Of course, sometimes it happens that the enthusiasm and enthusiasm that manifested in the interview, in fact, does not help the employee in work. But such cases are extremely rare in our country. Apparently, over the years, a flair for people with potential has already appeared.

Constructing situations

Inessa Buynovskaya, Head of Mosigra Retail Network

Often during interviews I ask candidates a question: “You came with your mom to a restaurant, but they don’t carry the order for a long time. What will you do? ”Then we change the situation, and the colors may thicken:“ And if an hour has passed, but there is still no order? And if the waiter was rude? And if they brought something wrong? ”In each case, a person describes his reaction. Or another option: “You came with a girlfriend to the store. Of the four sellers, two are free, but not suitable for you. What will you do? ”And we begin with the candidate to develop this story, bringing the circumstances to the point of absurdity.

Even if the candidate will not completely sincerely describe his possible actions in these situations, you can see how he talks about them, how he reacts and reasones.

“I got settled, and six months later announced my pregnancy”: what should the employer do?
Anna Fedorova considers the issue of maternity leave and frequent hospital employees, explains how employers should relate to this “A young girl is about to have a baby, but before…


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