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Apartments will not sell themselves, or How to properly process a client

In the conditions of today’s fierce competition among developers, the level of professionalism of sales managers in this area plays a key role. Anna Druzyuk gives recommendations on how to properly organize the work of a salesperson and explains why it is important to periodically audit the competencies of managers.
The real estate market has never demanded such efforts in the struggle for clients, as now. In conditions of great competition for developers, every call counts. If the sales manager does not call back on time or processes the potential buyer poorly, he, without thinking twice, will leave for competitors.

Unfortunately, inadequate processing and even loss of circulation are not uncommon and are found even among leading developers. Well, if the object itself is in demand among buyers: when the offer is high-quality and inexpensive, there is usually no end to those who want it, and sales plans are fulfilled one way or another. However, with less competitive facilities at a higher price, this no longer works. Therefore, effective lead processing today is one of the most important factors in successful sales.

There is a situation in the real estate market in which the synergy of quality service and the processing of potential customers can lead to a 30% increase in sales, so it is simply necessary to control the work of managers. In this article, I would like to share recommendations on evaluating and improving the performance of sales managers in real estate.

Portrait of a sales employee

First of all, you need to understand that the sales manager is the face of the company that a potential buyer of an apartment is faced with in one format or another. Such a person should be polite, pleasant in communication and be able to win the client to himself, as well as talk about the product so that he would like to see it at least, and later to acquire it.

As a rule, the result-oriented people are hired by the sales department: those who understand that their success depends on the quality of work and earnings do not come on their own. In other words, the employee must understand that the more customers visit the sales office with his help and purchase an apartment, the more pleasant his reward will be.

In this regard, at interviews for the selection of sales managers it is important to correctly identify the orientation of the potential employee: whether he is “process” or “effective”. Only the second type is suitable for working in sales: such people are motivated to “squeeze” customers and achieve results. But “process” people get more pleasure directly from the activity itself than from the result. Such a candidate will bring little benefit to the company and is unlikely to be interested in fulfilling the sales plan.

General recommendations for communication with customers

During the initial conversation, the main task of the manager is to sell a meeting, not an apartment. Why? Because the purchase of an apartment is not a purchase of trinkets on AliExpress in one click, but a serious process that requires a balanced approach. People buy housing for investment or residence, and in both cases are interested in the quality of the product: they invest money in it or their own trust, wait for maximum comfort for themselves and their family.

That is why the purpose of the first contact is to “pack” the product for the client, to present all the benefits, to interest – in other words, to motivate a meeting. And already on it, the sales manager works with specific customer requests: shows lots that satisfy all his needs, talks more specifically about the benefits – and so on.

In addition to the standard processing of customer requests, the sales manager should be able to do the following (real dialogs are given as negative examples for some points):

1. Identify needs. This is extremely important, because knowing the goal of the client, a skilled sales manager will be able to beat it.

For example, a client wants to buy for himself and his family (he says he will live with children). In this case, you can immediately talk about the benefits for children: a safe yard without cars, parks nearby, you can walk, there are convenient pantries for strollers, and so on.

If the purchase is an investment, then you need to convince the client of the maximum liquidity of the object – to say that there are wonderful lots for rent, for example odnushki with a good balcony, about a good location, the distance to the metro.

Understanding what the client wants, the manager shows and tells what is needed. Without knowing the needs, he can offer the buyer options that are useless for him.

Client: “I need to be close to school, my child will soon be at school.”

Manager: “We have all the infrastructure nearby: shops, a cinema, a park and three more metro stations within walking distance.”

The main thesis in the sale of housing is that the client always acquires not just the area and brick walls, but the opportunities that this apartment gives him and the solution of certain problems with its help.

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