An employee asks to increase salary: what to do?
Irina Narchemashvili talks about how to respond to employee requests for higher wages: how to listen to a request and evaluate the contribution of an employee so as not to…

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7 rules for creating an innovative environment within the company
Dmitry Trepolsky lists 11 ways to create an atmosphere of creative search and innovative ideas in the company - from the correct positioning of the project - to using several…

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“Business parasites”, or How not to kill a business system

The age of the parasite in nature, as a rule, is short-lived. It is introduced into the body, devours it, poisons with its bowel movements, enters into a confrontation with the immune system. He has no individual task to live happily ever after. All he needs is to leave as many offspring as possible to preserve his biological species. Unlike the symbiont, he does not care about his carrier. He is killing him.

Parasite on procurement

It just so happened that any system that makes money, even private, even public, attracts parasites. Those who enjoy eating at her expense, without bringing the system itself any good. Those who think not about how to ensure their well-being at the expense of the well-being of the entire system, but about how to snatch quickly. And he hopes that it will be possible to vomit forever.

“This purchase must be broken through at all costs,” the department head says to his subordinate. – You will do everything as needed, you will receive a hundred in excess of the salary.

“But in the next quarter we were going to announce a tender for this equipment.”

– No tenders needed. And no need to wait. Our budget is not yet exhausted. So break into one-time purchases so as not to fall under the tender commission. Or do you need money?

– And if they notice?

– The bosses are not up to us. And I’ll bring it to safety.

Such a conversation in various variations is one of the realities of the life of a large number of companies. The boss, who has received the right to make independent financial decisions, begins to vomit. First, carefully bites off small pieces, then more. And once, relaxed by complete impunity, bites off more than the company can sustain.

And after a while another conversation takes place:

– So, draw up documents, as always. The contractor is the same, says the boss.

– Got it, the employee answers. And then he adds: “They said in the smoking room that things were going badly with us.” What soon the company may close.

– Everything can be. Our decisions are too moronic upstairs. You can’t do business like that, ”the boss says irritably. – So maybe we’ll go to work together soon. But with the resume, everything is fine with us. The experience is great. Do not get lost.

The parasite does not care whether the system lives. It is important for him that he himself remain unpunished and secure. And to reveal his abuses is almost always a disastrous business. He perfectly conceals the ends in the water. Yes, no one is looking specifically. And at an interview at the next company, he will simply tell that his previous management made strategic mistakes. And besides, as a rule, he is not the only one. In the next department they are doing the same thing.

Parasite lazy

Other parasites are not so prudent. Their benefits are different. They need to find a warm place that will provide them with the usual level of income, and live without straining. Living indulging your laziness and complexes.

“And Masha is looking for a peasant again,” the girl says in open space. Pronounces quite loudly in order to attract the attention of neighboring tables.

Everyone turns around.

– How did you find out? – asks the neighbor on the right.

– And on the site I found her ad.

– What are you ?! – the boss sitting nearby reacts.

And the next hours go to discuss Masha, her character, problems in her personal life and the like. When Masha’s topic has been exhausted, everyone unanimously spreads to Zoyka – and so on. The work of the unit is paralyzed. And the boss goes home completely satisfied with herself. After all, she picked up such emotional friends in submission.

She studied at the expense of the company at different courses. I even got an MBA. She was taught that you need to be closer to the team. That employees are a family. And you need to be friends with them – to know everything about their characters and personal life.

They taught her, however, the same as she herself. Those who are too lazy to read books and strain their heads in search of complex answers. And from those places where there were serious teachers who said that it was necessary to learn to set tasks, objectively evaluate the work of employees and make informed decisions, she simply ran away. After all, there were no entertaining games. Boring.

She is little worried that the unit has been the main source of conflict in the company for many months. It does not bother that reporting is disgusting due to the constant loss of time. It doesn’t bother her “boys and girls” are rude to their colleagues. She has her own game. She plays good mother. And at meetings with the boss, he rolls a barrel at everyone who is not her: merchants, industrialists or someone else who has turned up his arm.

And as long as the market is growing rapidly, and no one pays any attention to the productivity of the “service” units, everything is fine with it.

But once the boss calls her and asks to report on where the time of her employees goes. Requests a list of questions that they should answer to colleagues. He asks to explain why half of the company goes to him complaining about the “affectionate treatment” of her subordinates, or, more simply, about outright rudeness.

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