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Marketer: instructions for use

The author has been working in the field of marketing for more than a decade. The period has come that is associated with the lack of widespread dissemination of information via the Internet, when not every self-respecting company has uploaded the latest information about its marketing and advertising activities to the network. When there were no systems for a quality exchange of experience and the main trends were printed in English literature translated into Russian in free interpretation and magazines for business executives with a story about the partnership experience in the implementation of priority projects for the company.

Now everything is much simpler and at the same time more complicated. Simplicity in finding information and monitoring competitors, forming portraits of target customers and self-education by profession. Complexity in an increasingly blurry view of the essence and functionality of a marketer. There are digital marketers, trade marketers, SEO optimizers / analysts, SMM marketers, marketing designers, and even marketing managers. How to figure out what you want to get as a result and with whom on what issues to collaborate and what tasks to set – we’ll talk about this in the article.

I would like to note that in the modern world the tendency to turn to professionals in their field is gaining momentum, who understand the problem more subtly, or rather, make efforts to achieve a truly high-quality result.

I will give three popular examples of the appearance of a marketer in the company.

Example 1. “Career growth”

Given: A good seller of a retail store who constantly prompts what customers need, orders packages and leaflets at a point of sale, changes the lighting in a window, decorated the interior with flowers, arranged with a sign at the entrance to attract more customers to the store. You, as the owner of a business, have written bonuses to him more than once and even made him a senior seller.

Question: Once you were visited by the idea of ​​transferring this seller to the office and entrusting him with marketing management of the company. Is it worth it?

Bottom line: You did and:
lost a good sales specialist;
lost a good administrator at the point of sale;
Concerned about finding a candidate for the position of “torn out” from the seller’s workplace;
got a weak supply marketer. You are not satisfied with the work of a full-time marketer.
Example 2. “Let’s try any candidate”

Given: There are two candidates for the position of marketing specialist in the market. The first one is a student after a university, even an economics major, with no work experience, with a good resume and a price tag of 25-35 thousand rubles a month. The second is a marketer of narrow specialization, the resume is full of successful cases and knowledge of specialized tools, work experience of three years, profile education and a price tag of 70-90 thousand rubles per month.

Question: Who should be preferred in employment?

Bottom line: You recruited a young, inexpensive and promising specialist with a wide range of marketing knowledge and skills and received: superficial fulfillment of the tasks set, inability to draw analytical conclusions and form marketing strategies on their basis.

Only work with contractors is good. Not able to set himself high-quality and meaningful tasks. Cannot track the marketing needs of the business and what customers need. Marketing costs do not bring significant results either for brand recognition or for sales. You did not receive a marketer and incurred the cost of poor marketing.

A cheap marketer is very expensive for a company.

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