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“We got divorced, no time management!”, Or Priority management: how to keep up with the main

We have got high-speed cars, smart homes, mobile phones in which we can simultaneously read, write and talk. We study time management, we have new-fangled planners, but for all the benefits of civilization, we do not have time.

I understood one thing: there is no time management. We were “divorced” once again, as with MMM or the Seleng House. They told us, and we believed that now we can manage our time. But time cannot be controlled.
All you have is now!
You can only manage priorities.
We must have time to do the main thing!
Priority Management System – Priority Management

I share my best practices on building an effective priority management system.

Preliminary mood

Within 7 days, take the time to deal with this issue thoroughly, without distractions.
find a secluded place;
Define a period of time from 45 to 90 minutes;
disconnect all phones and gadgets;
warn everyone that you will be absent;
stock up with paper, pen and watch (optimally – a timer);
take a deep breath.
Breathing exercise

Sit upright, straighten your back and close your eyes. Place your left palm on your chest, and your right on your stomach – and start breathing. Calmly, take 4 breaths and 7 breaths out. Consider “to yourself,” no need to speak. Breathe in the stomach, the chest does not rise and fall, only the stomach moves, hands control the process. You need to focus on breathing. Do 9 cycles. Now you are calm and ready to move on to action.

The first day. Scenario

Create your own life scenario. Imagine. Do not be shy and afraid – no one sees you, just describe your desired ideal life. What is she like? Who are you in this life? Imagine that all material issues have been resolved, what would you do, where would you live? Write down everything, up to how often you go for a massage or what eye color your wife has not met yet. The main thing – do not confuse your scenario with the life imposed on you by your parents or society. Life live only for you. Remember this every moment. Not coming – stop. Start breathing again, talk to yourself.

Tip: set the timer for 25 minutes and all this time write what comes to mind without stopping. 5 minutes of rest and again 25 minutes of work. In 90 minutes of work, combined with a short rest, you will have the script of your life in your hands.

The result of the first day is the scenario of your life. Of course, there is still work to do on it, but a start has been made!

Second day. Strategy

Today we transfer our script to the category “Strategy”. It is written for 5 years or more.

But first you need to write your epitaph – a gravestone. Do not be alarmed, this is a normal psychological device that will determine the truth of desires and aspirations. It is important to answer the question “who are you?”, What the world and society remembered, what discoveries they made, whom they helped. Thus, the highest goal of your stay on earth, the mission, looms.

When the epitaph is ready, compare it with your scenario. If they do not match, then adjust the script. Between them should be a logical connection. For example, if in the script you wrote that you are traveling and dancing on the deck of your yacht, and in the epitaph it is written that you are a great professor and invented a new way to fight cancer, then the mission does not fit with the script. We will not return to the epitaph. It was needed to determine the ultimate goal and test the script.

Now we translate desires (scenario) into the category of goals (strategy). Define a timeline for your scenario. How many years do you need to live an ideal life – 10, 20, 30? Another important point: the goal should excite you. You want her and know that you will achieve.

Plan goals for 9 key aspects of your life:
Health (and sport);
Relationships (family);
Environment (friends and relatives);
Vocation (who am I? Business, work);
Finance (security, security, assets and liabilities);
Self-development (study, reading, training, personal growth);
Recreation (travel, hobbies, hobbies);
Spirituality (self-knowledge).
The result of the second day – clearly set goals with deadlines for achievement.

Day Three Tactics

Do not forget to retire every day, turn on the timer and breathe correctly before completing tasks.

Today we will translate goals into tasks. It’s like there is an elephant – in pieces per unit of time. The main secret is that the more detailed you write down the tactics, the easier it will be to move on. Tactics are written for the year, broken down by quarter for the main 9 aspects of life.

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