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7 Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing for Small Businesses

We list 7 advantages of accounting outsourcing for business in comparison with a full-time accountant, starting from a more favorable cost of services and ending with a guarantee against errors and fines
Not everyone is easily given the decision to outsource accounting. It seems that it is inconvenient when your business is here, and the accounting is somewhere there. At first glance it is easier when an accountant is somewhere behind the wall from 8 to 17 hours or comes from time to time. But only those who do not yet know about all the “pluses” of outsourcing and have not experienced how convenient this is, think so.

In this article we will tell you what you will get if you outsource accounting services.

No need to pay salaries and insurance premiums for an accountant

Take the average salary of an ordinary accountant in an average Russian city, not in the capital. This is approximately 30 thousand rubles “on hand”. Before tax, this is about 35 thousand rubles.

Add to this amount insurance premiums that employers must transfer for their employees. This is 30.2%, that is, about 10.5 thousand rubles. Total 30 thousand, which will receive an accountant “on hand”, will cost the company about 45 thousand rubles.

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An outsourcing company also needs to pay. But the cost of services is lower and depends on the scope and volume.

For example, in “My business. Accountant ”the same 45 thousand will cost accounting services for a manufacturing company based on OSNO with a staff of 5 to 20 people and a turnover of 1 to 2 million rubles per month. It will be a full-fledged back office with an accountant, personnel officer, lawyer and business assistant. The staff of such employees would cost you not in 45, but in hundreds of thousands of rubles.

If, for example, you have a trading company on the USN with a staff of up to 5 employees and a turnover of up to a million rubles per month, you will pay only 12 thousand rubles per month for service. Moreover, in this package, in addition to accounting services, there will be legal and personnel support.

No need to spend money on software, technology, workplace and training

The salary of an accountant is not all the costs of the employer. The accountant needs a computer, desk and chair, a program for full work. It all costs money too.

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In addition, you need to maintain the professional level of an accountant so as not to miss changes in the law and not run into fines. So, you need to either send an accountant to courses and seminars, or pay him a subscription to professional publications.

Training and technical equipment of employees of an outsourcing company is its task.

Outsourcing accounting is always in touch

A staff or visiting accountant may experience force majeure, and he won’t go to work, or he may “fall out” for a long time, then the work will stop.

The accountant of the outsourcing company may also experience force majeure, but it will immediately be replaced by another, and this will not affect the customer. The outsourcer under the contract is obliged to perform their functions continuously. Outsourcing accounting does not happen on sick leave, on vacation or on maternity leave, because you conclude an agreement with a company, and not with an individual.

The quality of outsourced services is higher

This also follows from the fact that you conclude an agreement with a company that employs experienced specialists, and not with a separate accountant.

In the first paragraph of the article we cited as an example an accountant with a salary of 30 thousand rubles. For this money, you will not hire a chief accountant with experience who can solve complex issues and optimize taxes.

Outsourcing is sometimes argued that you do not know who will conduct your accounting – a seasoned and experienced specialist or an ignorant beginner. So say those who do not know how the internal kitchen of outsourcing firms is arranged.

No self-respecting company will entrust accounting to a novice without experience and will not leave it without control. This threatens the loss of reputation and customers. Unlike other companies, in outsourcing firms accountants are key employees on whom profit depends. Therefore, in such firms, the requirements for accountants are higher, and the salary is greater.

Who is wrong, he pays

If your staff accountant is mistaken, then fines and additional charges in case of errors “fall” on the company. If you outsource accounting, you transfer responsibility along with work. If the company is fined for errors in accounting and reporting, the outsourcing company will pay. In any large company, such liability is provided for by the contract. So, the responsibility of “My business” to customers is insured for 100 million rubles.

You can choose a set of services according to your needs

An outsourcing company can be given accounting “turnkey”, but you can transfer only part of the functions. For example, tax optimization and reporting.

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